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Nursing Contact Hours and Continuing Nursing Education

Changes in nursing practice and health care in general, make it necessary for healthcare professionals to remain current with evidence-based knowledge. As a provider of mandatory and other continuing education in New York State, Advantedge Education is committed to remaining actively involved with the educational standards set forth by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

What is a CNE, and what is a contact hour?

Continuing nursing education (CNE) activities are those that build upon the educational foundation of the professional nurse. ANCC uses the terms contact hours to describe the unit of measurement for a learning activity. One contact hour is equivalent to 60 minutes of time spent in the learning activity.

The term CEU or continuing education unit, while frequently used as a measurement of time spent in a course, is a term used by a different credentialing body other than ANCC.

Earning nursing contact hours

Contact hours are awarded to students at the completion of coursework and were calculated from the average number of minutes or hours that a pilot group of students required in order to complete the course. The courses offered by Advantedge Education award contact hours. View our Online Continuing Education Courses to begin earning contact hours that will enhance your professional development.

Seeking licensure in New York State?

Advantedge Education offers the Child Abuse: Mandated Reporter Training in New York State and the Infection Control Training for Healthcare Professionals in New York State courses online, 24/7, 365 days a year. Complete the courses on your own time and schedule, and when you are finished we will securely transfer your results to the New York State Education Department for you.