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Who are we?

Two women - a nurse and a designer - who care a great deal about creating visually engaging online continuing education.

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Ann is our resident nurse educator and clinical nurse specialist with more than 35 years experience in clinical and nursing education, primarily in women's health and surgical oncology. Ann has extensive education experience in clinical and classroom settings. She has worked at UC San Francisco, Mass General, and Albany Medical Center where she was actively involved with the care and education of patients and nurses. She loves the online learning environment and gets excited about developing continuing education that is learner-centered. If you have a learning need, need help with ANCC criteria, or are interested in becoming an author, Ann is the right person to talk to.

When she's not at work, she enjoys skiing in Vermont with her growing family and sailing on her Hobie Cat with her husband and sheltie. Ann's happiest days are spent on an island in the middle of her favorite bay in western New York, where she enjoys sunsets and the company of good friends and family.

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LesleyCashman-Peck2015.jpg 190x285Mom, wife, creative spirit, detailed, genetic workaholic. Daughter to an IBM “nerd” and a high school teacher, it’s not that surprising Lesley (eventually) found her way into the industry of online continuing education. A lifelong learner at heart, Lesley has formal education in psychology and college student development. She has more than 11 years experience with design and technology in both eLearning and webinar production. Lesley has extensive training with software like Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, Storyline, Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and even Quickbooks, but don't ask her about hard drives. Her passion is to transform words into visually appealing and engaging learning experiences. Have a technical question? Interested in course hosting or group learning? Lesley is the right person to connect with.

When off the clock, she and her husband are usually chasing their two young children. She's a craigslist addict who loves to upcycle furniture, and she enjoys boating, skiing, traveling, and a good read on the beach.