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Our Advisors

Advantedge Education boasts a list of exceptional advisors. The advisory board consists of consultants and highly skilled subject matter experts from health care, business and education backgrounds. These individuals have guided Advantedge Education’s business and marketing, and assist in identifying course topics.

Advantedge Education is indebted to the advisory board for guidance and coaching from the start. The continued support of these dynamic individuals helps to further the Advantedge Education mission through critiques, praise and an abundance of ideas.

Brian Dusablon
Duce Enterprises

David Cashman
University of Chicago

Debra Trees
Audiologist and Voice Actor
New York

Melanie Williams
Certified Infection Control Nurse
New York

Robert Maltzman
Owner, RainbowCare & Consultants, Inc.
New York

Virginia McGraw
Registered Nurse, ED & Pediatrics

Troy Web Consulting, LLC
New York


Are you an expert in a particular topic or subject area? Interested in becoming an eLearning course author? Have a course but need help with online hosting? Contact Advantedge Education today and become a part of our eLearning community. Your talents and ideas can become part of the next Advantedge Education online course.